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 Kage Rules

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Lord Victus
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Kage Rules Empty
PostSubject: Kage Rules   Kage Rules EmptyThu Jul 14, 2011 3:38 pm

1.) You cannot ally with other villages. You can be civil, and neutral, but not ally.

2.) Because you are a kage, I expect a lot of activity.

3.) Please have a substitute kage in the event that you go on absence. This substitute kage will be the "Jounin Commander"

4.) You can't kill your own villagers

5.) If someone goes missin nin, please act like you care.

5.) You can demote your village members IN CHARACTER to as low as Academy students. ( You need to have a good Rp reason, so a test of some sort would be nice before you decide to demote people )

6.) You cannot promote village members

7.) You are a kage, you can't randomly leave to be apart of a rouge group or to join another village.

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Kage Rules
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