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 Hoshi Clan training

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Lord Victus
Lord Victus

Male TP : 269
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Hoshi Clan training Empty
PostSubject: Hoshi Clan training   Hoshi Clan training EmptySat Jul 16, 2011 2:17 am

{Hoshi chakra stage 2.. 300 words}

Noctis, holding onto a small ball would force chakra into it, however this was no normal chakra for it posses power far beyond most. It has heat, and energy stored within its make it, thus making it quit versitile in the terms of fighting, however to increase its power, one must overpower his own chakra with a strong more denser chakra in which he would gain through holding this ball known as the cealstrial orb.

However, with this orb would hold great power and for and pain would provide as the navigational task to a land of much strength and beauty. Noctis, however did not know of this land, so he would simple wander onto its beaches, and drink from the water and eat from the fruit until he became stronger. Thus why he pushed the orb against his fingers and compressed pure chakra into it. Feeling the heat and overall make up of his chakra begin to change. It was in his body to make said changes, however through this would pose some problem, he would ultimately advanced to the second stage.

Noctis was already in much trouble with the constant torment of helllish type war that constantly plagued his land. However, though only needed a few times, he would use the Hoshi clan chakra to his advantage in order to " pwn " the enemies into submission. Nonetheless, things of this nature and things of plasma nature would be the two main components that would make up Koden's fighting style. Bending the elements of fire and lighting from the pits of void and rendering them into a weave of energy used for jutsus. Thus fashioning it into a fighting style in which power Noctis' " light saber"

None the less, the orb soon changed colored thus signifying the change in Kodens chakra level and heat.
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Lord Victus
Lord Victus

Male TP : 269
Posts : 946
Join date : 2011-01-04

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Main Class: Assassin
Secondary Class: Tank

Hoshi Clan training Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hoshi Clan training   Hoshi Clan training EmptySat Jul 16, 2011 2:22 am


Hmm new chakra? this was odd. But not too odd, just a slight odd that would cause one to raise an eyebrow at the situation, but not nessisarily question it too much because they already knew the answer in some forgien part of their mind. A kind of odd that was placed on the bible because to the minds of agnostics and nonbelievers, it just seems as a way to gather the minds of the youth into something without question. thus controling the minds in the way that the goverment wants. However, in this case beliefs are not as far fetched as some all powerful being walking on water and changing water into wine. This was more on the belief that chakra, aka the physical energy in the universe could change chemical make ups just slightly enough to be called another stage. however, reaching this stage would be a complete and total disaster as one would have to know when to start and what to start with. Missing these two elements would cause the user to do what young people call an " Epic fail" This fail type situation would only be described as a black star, or impure star among the clan of the Hoshi. However, Noctis was not a black star, He was not dead, nor useless, so thus he must be of purity level. This level would thusly be considered stage 3 of the hoshi clans many many abilities. However, to do so would require and orb; one of which Noctis had in his posession after it being passed down the clan by his father and his fathers father, and his father and ect. Unforgetful of the situation, the orb was now in Noctis hands as the new keeper of the orb after his adoption into the high family by his adopted father.

Noctis' new training would consist of a few key things. Over powering his own chakra by pushing force into it known as chakra, and plowing down the walls of his body known as chakra limits and making himself a level of a chunin dispite the fact that he was a genin. None the less the process would come to him rather easy since all he had to do with grip the ball in his hand like he was doing at the exact moment and force chakra into it. The orange glow would soon be yellow if and only if he did that correctly. And with much sweat and focus he came to the conclusion that he was unable to do it on the first try and had to rest against the leaves before trying again. However the second time would be slightly longer as he was determined to do it this time. Thus the color changes and life went on at a new level. This level of yellow was not that of orange and he could feel the ability to control his own plasma a lot more beautiful. This control was what was granted at stage 3 and infact this level of control was so great that he quickly manipulated the chakra in his body into a long sword in which he extended out. This would be known as his lightsaber.
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Hoshi Clan training
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