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 Way of the Samurai

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PostSubject: Way of the Samurai   Way of the Samurai EmptyWed Jul 13, 2011 10:57 am

A rather young ninja of Kumogakure was making his way towards the land of iron. The reason he was going there had caused some confusion amongst those who, he had somewhat befriended. So what was the reason, he was going to iron you ask? It was rather simple, he was about to have all knowledge related to jutsu erased in return he will become a full pledge samurai and able to tap into the abilities of the sword. The part of erasing all knowledge of jutsu were heavy on his mind, for was he ready for such a thing? He had learnt so much during the time at the academy, with his genin team, etc. Can he really just allow one man too take away that knowledge? The answer was a simple one, yes...yes he can allow such thing to happen for this is what he wanted.

Since the time he was a small child, his parents use to read too him about the great tells of samurais and how loyal they were. It was this that ultimately solidified Arik’s decision on the subject and with the support of his sensai, he now founded himself within the land of iron. The attire that he wore could have caused others too easily mistake him for a samurai, but sadly he wasn’t one yet. Stored in a pouch tied too his waist was a scroll, that contained the needed information about his visit there.

“Speak your business here.” A man samurai walking towards Arik said, Arik noticed the armor and sword of the man and was slightly nervous. For this was the first time that he had seen one up close and personal but yet, these expressions were hidden from the man...thus wasn’t shown on his face.

“I came here too speak too the your leader about becoming, one of you all.” Arik said, handing the man the scroll in which contained the given information of such visit. At first the samurai looked at Arik as if he was joking, though that was quickly changed when he looked into his eyes and see the passion that was burning brightly within them.

“Very well come with me.” The man said, as Arik followed him too their leader.

Upon reaching there, Arik looked up at the samurai leader. The individual was old like in his sixties, and had a long goatee. The samurai armor he wore were decorated with various things, but had seen better days too say the least. And of course attacked too the hip of the man was a katana...his katana....his soul. Looking at the samurai who had brought Arik there, he was handed the scroll and he read on it silently...every now and then he hummed as if agreeing some unheard question.

“Come forward young man. Are you sure you want this?” The samurai leader asked, as Arik was now standing in front him.

“Yes, I am.” Was all he said, and with that the leader placed his hand on top of Arik’s head.

“Then it shall be done...” The samurai leader said, as Arik’s body went limped and was caught by two other samurai’s that were standing on each side of the leader. A few minutes would pass before the man removed his hand from Arik, having completely erasing the man’s memory and knowledge of all jutsus. And implanting the knowledge of how to tap into one’s sword.

A day or so would pass before Arik wakes up in a bed with a samurai guarding him. The samurai wanted to laugh at Arik’s facial expression but didn’t “So you awake, that good. A samurai isn’t complete without a sword, for it’s our soul after all. “ He said pointing too a katana that was sheathed in a black scabbard.

Shaking any cobwebs in his head out, Arik stood up and walks towards the sword grabbing it. A smile came across his face as he bowed towards the samurai “Thank you...”

“Ah, shouldn’t you be thanking me instead. For I was the one who did it?” The samurai leader said, having coming there to check up on the newly appointed samurai. “Thank you.. But I must be going now. I will return when I can too get training” Arik said bowing once again, and leaving the vicinity. Now after becoming a samurai, Arik made his way back Kumogakure. Though he left apart of his heart in iron.
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PostSubject: Re: Way of the Samurai   Way of the Samurai EmptyWed Jul 13, 2011 10:58 am

That would be an APPROVED you see flying about...