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 Conflict resolution.

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Conflict resolution. Empty
PostSubject: Conflict resolution.   Conflict resolution. EmptyTue Jul 12, 2011 10:47 pm

it is needed. Why? because arurments with valid reasons should be allowed instead of someone using OOC power to start shit. As with idfc if you think im chuunin jounin or genin. when im first told something, i intend to stay as such, and i will. I did as asked and edited BY NOCTIS. Thus NOCTIS is the only one i would ask to post saying what it is. I may ask for OPINIONS but not to post get that right. And idgaf if someone posted more and only got chuunin, but that chuunin got a bijuu, that is why they got chuunin WAS MY POINT!!! And if you want to use the lame ass excuse that its a matter of opinion a person who comes on and has five pages of every category would look and say everyone has a genin app. Get the shyte straight, post up a limit, do something cuz this just "Oh i feel like its this" is biased shiz. Please and thank you. Oh! QUIT BEING LAZY AND DO YOUR JOB RIGHT AND DONT IGNORE PEOPLE!
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Conflict resolution. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Conflict resolution.   Conflict resolution. EmptyWed Jul 13, 2011 12:08 am

My approval of you being a Jounin was simply overridden by the webmaster of this site, Noctis. His word is law, and as such, you are a Genin now instead of a Jounin, regardless of previous approvals. Your rank would have been Chuunin, but because you insisted on arguing with the staff, you've been reprimanded accordingly. If you cannot respect the staff's and the webmaster's decision, then that's your problem. I do not intend to be unfriendly with this, but the staff does do their job, even though we can sometimes be distracted or otherwise. We have lives, you know. So if you continue to argue based on the simple decision made with your app, then you'll most likely only end up hurting yourself. As for you continuous rant on Chuunin getting Bijuu, your point on that? I don't get it. It's completely irrelevent to your arguement in my eyes...

With this being said, and with respect towards your as a fellow member, though I have posted against you wishes, I wish you good luck on this site if you choose to stay on here.