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 Bijuu Training

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PostSubject: Bijuu Training   Bijuu Training EmptySun Jul 10, 2011 4:10 am

First Stage ~


Second Stage ~
Word Count ~ 670 words

Niiro had been walking around the forest in the Land of Fire to commune with Nature or whatever you called it. It was a somewhat nice day than what it had normally been. It had seemed that the sun wasn't shining too bright, there was a small breeze traveling through the air, small animals could be seen here and there, and there were birds flying through the sky. It was a nice day indeed, probably the perfect way for Niiro to tap into his own power. Well, technically it wouldn't have been his own power, but more like the power of the beast that was dwelling on the inside of his own body. He could feel the power inside of him, but he knew that he had to tap into the power and make it his own so that he wouldn't be weaker than what he already was. He came to a nice spot that was the perfect place to do his training in order to obtain the power of the five-tailed wolf.

The man had walked over to a rock that was large enough for him to do some meditating and go into a stage known as Lucid Day Dream. Once he was in this stage he would be able to converse with the bijuu dwelling inside of him and ask for its power. He sat on the rock, crossed his legs, placed his hand on his legs, and closed his eyes. If someone was to see Niiro right now they would believe that he was meditating. At this very moment he had entered into his own state of mind and saw himself into a somewhat parallel world where there was water everywhere and there was a cage with the same seal on his stomach on what seemed to be a lock. He looked into the cage to see a pair of eyes and heard a voice saying to him, "Well if it isn't the bastard who locked me in here. What do you want from me?" Niiro was very surprised that thing could talk. Turns out that it was the same voice that told him to give up when Niiro sealed the tailed beast into his body.

The man looked into the eyes of the tailed-beast and said to him, "I want your power..." He paused and looked off, back at the cage that was keeping the five-tailed beast locked up. "Actually, I need your power." The wolf then began to laugh and from the looks of it he was laughing at Niiro. The wolf then said,

"Of course you need and want my power! Who wouldn't?!" The tailed beast then began to laugh again, once more he was laughing at the man. Niiro looked at the wolf with a look in his eyes like he was ready to kill the beast. Although he had just met this beast he was already sick and tired of it. He then said to the beast,

"I suggest that you lend me your power. If you don't, trust me I will kill you." The wolf stopped laughing and looked at the man.

"That would mean that..." Niiro then cut the wolf off.

"I know what it means and trust me, I will do it if I have to." From the look that the wolf was giving Niiro he could tell that the man was serious and that he would do it.

"Fine. My power is now your own." With those last words the bijuu's chakra became Niiro's. The Hokage was then exited out of his own mind and then came back to reality. In that short time he had obtained the powers of the five-tailed wolf. If you had seen him in that time period you would have saw the light blue chakra spewing out of him, turning into somewhat like an aura, his nails grew about an inch or two, his k9 teeth had became longer and sharper, and his eyes had turned into that of a wolves. He now had power far greater than his own.
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PostSubject: Re: Bijuu Training   Bijuu Training EmptySun Jul 10, 2011 4:59 am