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 Kyoten and Kyochi

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Kyoten and Kyochi  Empty
PostSubject: Kyoten and Kyochi    Kyoten and Kyochi  EmptySun Jul 10, 2011 12:32 am


Tenraishouten is a sacrificial/Buddhism/ Taoism like religion that is based off the principals of reaching a greater world through Ten paths, but also offering sacrifices to the Shinigami’s to keep a balance between both good and evil.

The religion started with the creation of the “twin undivided”, which is the basic belief that the original Tenrai, God, was both good and evil before the creation of life. The start of it all or the big bang was created when Ying and Yang that made up the Tenrai felt a great void in the harmony and desired to expand the divine spirit over a great area. The division of spirits than began to spread an intense power. Light over the darkness; this made the planets and the stars. But this creation was uninhabited, lonely, and the worse thing was that both, Tenrai Yin and Tanrai Yang, had placed a vast universe in between them. Soon, loneliness fell on both Tenrai’s. So then they each divided apart, their bodies’, and created Twenty entities; Ten from each. This would populate the new frontier that they had began to create. Once the entities broke apart they left only a soul life force behind, since they were division of the bodies. Each entity went out and roamed this vast unknown universe, until things felt hopeless. Once more, they decided to create even smaller life forms whose sole purpose was to find each other; Yang’s entities created the women and Yin’s created the men. These life forms continued to exist all over the universe, until they finally met one another on Earth. Yin and Yang began to lose interest in their other creations, beings, and killed them off, only to leave the ones upon earth. These creations of great population began to alert the Entities of earth, only to then alert Tenrais of the news. The entities then began to stream the lives of the creations to the Gods, by advancing the creation with a variation of their own life force; Chakra.
Now, the Gods where connected by their creations and thus felt the void was filled. So, the Gods now had something that would keep them occupied, Humanity.
Yang decided to use his entities for pure punishment, whilst Yin began to use his for healing. Yang’s entities began to scatter all around the universe, beginning to deal death and keep the balance of life; Using the Card of Death. This is what made them Shinigami’s.
Yin’s entities went inside the world and became all sorts of natural life: Plants, Water, Animals, Sun shine, and Prosperity. These earthly elements began to work in harmony with the course of time.
However, the Ten Shinigami’s begun to wreak havoc on the world from time to time, only to became a big problem to several civilians. According to The Legends of Man, created thousands of years ago, there was a curse found that involved Hell. This was created with the Shinigami’s, resulting in a cry or help from the Heavens. It was then ,when earth erupted in a fissure, water filled a gouge in the earth, creating a small stream. Mankind began to drink from this stream , only to be given a vision on how to please the Shinigami, only enough to stop the pain. The answer given to them stated “That only a pure, unsoiled product of Yang’s entities could be offered as a sacrifice to the realm in which they lived”. To strengthen the connection between Yin and Yang ; so that Yin could sooth and heal Yang. This sacrifice, of course, was a virgin female. If offered right the Shinigami, they would be pleased and give the earth their own blood, which contained a special type of Chakra. This blood was then sealed into a scroll. The blood could then only be passed onto a selected person. This became known as the Moon Light Seal Ritual.

The Ten Kyoten and Kyochi

Ten Kyoten
Ten Kyoten is based off the ideas of religion called Tenraishouten. This religion has been kept very low key, it is often refered to as a Cult. This cult establishes Taoism[/i] ideas, in the use of the Ten Spiritual entities, giving the first interpretation of the” TEN” in Ten Kyoten for its ten members. Kyoten takes place around the Yang, and the use of Ten Shinigami’s. These ten entities are given the following names: Agony, Misery, Death, Sorrow, Sex, Hell, Blood, Evil, and Killer, being the cause of the other nine.

At the very top of it all is The Saishi, meaning Priest. They basically serve as the Leaders of Kyoten. He offers guidance and leadership to Kyoten and Kyochi members. He holds no position in the ten ranks of the Kyoten, but is still seen as being more important to the cause. Despite the fact that he is well in to his old age and is never seen in battle.

Ten Kyoten Titles
1. Agony:
2. Misery:
3. Death:
4. Darkness:
5. Sorrow:
6. Sex:
7. Hell:
8. Blood:
9. Evil:
10. Killer:

The ranks are not divided into a person level of power. Example: One is not ALWAYS stronger than two, and two is not stronger than three. This is not the ranks just the name and the Japanese translations.

Kyochi are basic followers of the Kyoten; under the same principals and ideas. They often are less powerful, but are very well known to act in swarms and overwhelm villages and even enemies. They are often seen under the command of a Kyoten member, giving the sense of leadership over Kyochi. This is not officially established, but is often encouraged for a Kyoten member to lead and train a small group of Kyochi’s. Much like Kyoten, Kyochi is divided into ranks of One to Five. At the top is One, who is the strongest member of Kyochi. They arethe only one able to move on to Kyoten. This ability makes them act as the governor, representative, and leader of Kyochi. The leader will be in charge of many of the Kyochi’s affairs and will be given a great response ability to look after the well being of the Kyochi. However do take note that in some rare cases a meeting will occur and a member of Kyoten is picked out of the Kyochimember that is not number one. The Kyochi system works to promote both competitiveness and training. So in order for one to advance to the level of number one, what they must do is defeat the number one in a friendly battle of one on one. If this happens, the victor will be given the Title “Number One”. If they can hold this title for an extensive amount of time, they will be moved up to Kyoten. However, the only way you can challenge number one is to hold a rank of two to five. But, you do not have to move up by beating five then four, then three, etc. If you are number three, and you beat number one, you will become the number one. If this does happen then the number one will take the third’s spot.

Kyochi Ranks [Currently]
4 :

Other Interpretations
- Ten Kyoten has been translated into Ten (10), Kyo (assassin), and Ten (heaven).
- Kyochi has also been translated into Kyo (assassin), and Chi (earth).

Crescent Moon Seal

All members of the Kyoten and the Kyochi are given a seal known as the Crescent Moon Seal. This was originally brought up with the ideas of the Tsukiakari
, but was revamped and used for Kyoten. This seal is placed on the body in the shape of a ‘[i]Crescent Moon’ and ‘Sun’; after a small ritual of blood and chakra is used to flow the seal into the blood stream. Once the seal is activated, the user will experience an increase of chakra control in and outside the body. This is the base line for many jutsus that will allow the user to use their chakra to gain speed, strength, heightened senses and basic sensory as well as communication and chakra distribution among other members of the seal. This also adds on the ability to locate and punish those who act out against the group in anyway. However, if one wishes to resign from Kyoten, they will be given a small private ceremony to where the power is released and absorbed back into the a scroll. There, memory will be selectively erased of the usage and powers of the Kyoten and of the seal. Meaning, if the seal is removed by whatever means the memory will be erased. Not only will the seal grant power, but it will also allow the summoning of a ‘spiritual being’ in a space time, Ninjutsu.

However, like the ranks of the Kyoten and the Kyochi, the seal is divided in power. All the members of the Ten Kyoten have equal strengths when it comes to the seal, but their seal is special unique to the clan. Even their abilities, likes, and dislikes, even though there power is somewhat based on their title. Whilst the members of the Kyochi have a few handicaps that stop them from using their seal to the same extent as the Kyoten.

The seal of the Kyochi members have the ability to self destruct on a molecular level, if that is ever needed. Due to the tracking system placed on all seals, those members who defect from the group are quickly found and captured, to only remove the seal and memory harmlessly, if it comes down to it. The Saishi will activate the seal from a long distance, using a forced chakra transportation and eradicate, to defected the member. This will basically cause the member to dissolve into thin air. But, the use of this technique uses great effort, meditation, and the chakra of several members of the Kyoten to force a stable seal into an unstable form, from the long distance that it is used as a last resort. However, if a restraint is ever needed, then the likeliness is that a Kyoten member shall disinfect, and a new set of rules will apply. The Saishi will most likely be called out, and the whole group of the Kyoten members will hunt the ‘Tractor’ down in as a pack. The problem will be taken care of in the most gruesome of ways.

The seal is used as followed, and any god modding of the seal will be punished with a temporary ban on your use of it:
- Receiving the seal grants you FIVE posts of none stop use.
- Doing 500 words of training where you meditate and use the power of the seal will grant you ONE additional post
- Kyochi members are restricted to a maximum of THREE additional posts. However, training can be down, it just won’t go into effect.
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Kyoten and Kyochi
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