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PostSubject: Classes   Classes EmptyTue Jul 05, 2011 4:28 pm

I broke the classes down into two categories.
One category enables a new ability, the other category enables you to be better at something than the average joe.

Skill Class ( New abilities )
- to unlock some of these classes, you will have to complete some training. See the training grounds for more info.

Medical- A medical shinobi is often found treating the wounded out of battle, or in hospitals. Should the enemy begin encroaching, Medics are extremely skilled with hand-to-hand combat, often using the "Chakra Scalpel" to deal lethal internal injury. to lean this you must be taught by a medic.
Advantages: can use medical jutsu and instant heal themselves OF MINOR wounds. IF your loose limbs or get your head cut off then you are screwed. Any large cuts will not instant heal either.

Sensor- Sensor's utilize a variety of chakra suppression and tracing techniques to keep tabs on certain people. They are excellent at scanning the battlefield, often able to pinpoint the exact number of enemies. Sensor's are adept at suppressing their chakra, to the point where they can mask themselves as civilians. You must be taught by a sensor.
Advantages: Can learn techniques to sense chakra, heat, and other life sources

Samurai- Samurai's are members who have an additional ability installed into their sword. Their swords resembled average blades but can change form after a release and exhibit abilities form this sword beyond your wildest dreams. However, to unlock this power the user must meet with a shojun.
Advantages: Their swords have a release appearance, and their own set of abilities.

Cursed- Members are the only people able to be the host of a bijuu ( You will survive the bijuu sealing process ) OR survive the cursed mark process.
Advantage: You won't die if given a cursed mark or bijuu.

Sages- The sage class has the ability to tap into nature and draw forth great power by combining their life force with the force of nature. In short, they have the ability to use sage mode and senjutsu. However, you must first meet with a sage to unlock these abilities
Advantages: You can learn senjutsu

Puppet Master- A puppet master specializes in long-range tactics involving decoys and weapons, via the Puppet Technique. Puppet Master's use colorful and richly designed masterpiece puppets --(art that doubles as a killing machine, hah!)-- to ambush and eliminate targets with blades, smokescreens, poison and high power projectiles.
Advantages: can use anything puppet related( This includes chakra strings)

Sponge -Like the name suggest these memebers absorb things. More specifically they absorb chakra. The Sponge class is probably the most skilled with chakra systems and are considered to be very smart because they do not attack their enemies with brute force
Advantages: Can absorb chakra

Illusionary- Genjutsu specialists are masters of blurring the line between reality and fantasy, and often do so through high element mastery channeled through their illusions. Genjutsu specialists who incorporate element control, are often able to effect large groups of individuals.
Advantages: Are the only ones that can use genjutsu regardless of clan. IF you are an UCHIHA, you get his by default.

Seal Master- Shinobi trained in the complex calligraphy art of Fuuinjutsu. These shinobi display high intelligence and creativity, specializing in a variety of exotic techniques from barriers, receivers, traps, and of course sealing techniques. Seal Masters commonly carry some form of ink or solution on them at all times, and adept Seal Master's can utilize taijutsu while creating Fuuinjutsu. Seal Masters may learn all Fuinjutsu in half the training amount, or half the amount of points for canon and custom jutsu purchases.
Advantages: The only ones that can use sealing and unsealing jutsu

Power Class ( New abilities )

Summoner- The summoner class requires perhaps the most work, however it pays off. BY choosing the Summoner class, a shinobi can gain access to multiple summoning contracts (single-creature summons). A Summoner can provide the brute force, or aerial attack for a shinobi force.
Advantages: Can have multiple summoning contracts. Can sign many, can only register one

Tank- A "Tank" is a shinobi that has especially high chakra reserves, and is capable of dishing out high level Ninjutsu and Taijutsu skills, while sustaining high amounts of damage. These specialists act as the concealed artillery of the shinobi world, making them valuable assets.
Advantages: Can learn two extra "bonus jutsu"

Speedy- Members of this class are much faster than your average joe. A genin of this class could run at a Jounin's speed, a chunin of this class could run at a kage speed and so on..
Advantages: stated above

Berserker- The Berserk class is perhaps the most dangerous; often mentally unstable, a Berserk class dispatches enemies around them, and in the area, having no qualms with killing bystanders. They often utilize mass-effect techniques (i.e "Skilled Mist") to kill individuals, and a series of manipulative techniques to get close to their targets before cutting loose and letting blades and blood fly; the serial killers of the shinobi world. It's often said that "A shinobi merely sees blood, a serial killer bathes in it".
Advantages: Can sustain more damage than normal ninja, high levels of strength

Raw- Members of the "raw" class of great and powerful raw strength. Similar to that of tsunade. A genin with Raw class is as strong as a jounin. A chunin is as strong as a kage, and a Jounin is beyond kage strength
Advantages: stated above

Fire Master- All Fire jutsu will be one rank stronger than normal. C rank jutsu will be as strong as B rank.
Advantages: Can learn Fire jutsu from the restricted list.

Water Master- All water jutsu will be one rank stronger than normal. C rank jutsu will be as strong as B rank.
Advantages: Can learn water jutsu from the restricted list.

Lightning Master- All Lightnng jutsu will be one rank stronger than normal. C rank jutsu will be as strong as B rank jutsu.
Advantages: Can learn lightning jutsu from the restricted list.

Earth Master- All Earth jutsu will be one rank stronger than normal. C rank jutsu will be as strong as B rank jutsu.
Advtantages: Can learn earth jutsu from the restricted list.

Wind Master- All Wind jutsu will be one rank stronger than normal. C rank jutsu will be as strong as B rank jutsu.
Advantages: Can learn wind jutsu from the restricted list.

This in a nut shell.. you get one skill and you get one power class. Most skills except for "host" have to be taught to you from someone else
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