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 Raitoningu Uchiha (W.I.P)

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Raitoningu Uchiha (W.I.P) Empty
PostSubject: Raitoningu Uchiha (W.I.P)   Raitoningu Uchiha (W.I.P) EmptyMon Jul 04, 2011 6:07 pm

Personal Information~
Name: Raitoningu Uchiha
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Village: Waterfall

Ninja Information~
Rank: Genin
Main Class: Tank
Secondary Class Illusory
First Element Katon
Second ElementRaiton

Appearance and Personality~
Picture OR description:

This is a description of Attire. Raitoningu has always had harboured a liking to punk style clothes that she looked past and when she came of age she was able too pick her own style and she choose well she wears a singlet and jacket of the same size to match she wears on her lower half knee long leather jean\shorts on her singlet flowers are present her shorts are as how you are probably to imagine. On the left side of her shorts is her weapon pocket and there is another one sitting on her right side. On her left hand is a sort of sleeve on her right hand is a white bracelet. On her head she wears only one thing a custom made head-band which has the usual village sign but her hair usually covers it

This is the part of Raitoningus body shape and features. Raitoningus body shape is short and slim not a very powerful look but she is fast she stands at about 82 cm and weighs roughly 28 KG. Raitoningu has bright blue eyes and a small round head her brown short brown hair reaches a little past her chin.

Personality: Raitoningu is a bit of a rogue but very loyal to whom she trusts. She has a strong dislike against the people who have been spoiled however she has a lot of self doubt in her own skills. Raitoningu admires bravery and determination for she herself is a bit of a coward. Raitoningu always thinks her actions out before she does them however she is quick to anger. Raitoningu aims to make friends rather than enemies so she does not attack without reason.

Raitoningu will usually take on anything that attacks her friends if she thinks they both can take it on if not she will strongly encourage her friend to flee from the danger. If Raitoningu is attacked alone however and her friend is present she would ask them to leave them out of her fight which makes her a bit of a hypocrite but if that is the effect she is happy for that anything that keeps her friends safe.

E rank are free*
Jutsu(1) Katon: Fireball Jutsu C
Jutsu(2) Temporary paralysis technique D
Jutsu(3) Water clone C
Jutsu(4) Body flicker C
Jutsu(5) Walking on water C

History: the many murders and lies and put downs in Raitoningus life have been huge and as much as they are have shaped her personality and in some ways her life and here it is her first breath to the present day

Birth Arc

Two people were talking together at a table this was normal for it was early in the night and the sun was not quite down still sending tendrils of light in a desperate attempt to light up the side of the world that was most definitely leaving it behind the were in heated conversation the man had the symbol of Uchiha on his shirt and a katana by his side his now obvious wife also bore the symbol of the Uchiha on her shirt which was huge to fit her bloated stomach “ you think so” the man said “of course have I been wrong” “we’ve never had one before” he replied the woman laughed “no of course not. But I’ve got a feeling you know” the man shook his head “nup It’ll definitely be a boy” The woman sighed and then winced and gasped at the same time and then said “It is time honey, it is time” the man grimaced and said “lets go” the two of them got up and left. They walked into a small hut where there was an old lady who had a small sad smile on her old and weathered face “I know why you are here” she said and got up with surprising swiftness se showed the woman over to a sort of special bath a convulsion shudder through the woman’s body and the old Granny said “you got here just in time” The lady nodded “you shouldn’t talk right now save you energy for the birth” the Granny said again after the woman settled herself two younger girls came in both younger than the soon to be mum.

Two hours later

The man stood outside the hut listening to the horrible moaning inside his wife was tough this was as much pain he had ever seen her in he had protected her against the worst of criminals and yet he couldn’t protect her from this new threat it was taking most of his willpower not to rush in there and kill the un born baby right now. But his wife had made it obvious that she did not want her baby killed so he kept his face out of the hut and he could convince himself that this was for the best. There was a last sort of horrible squelch and “whhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh” went the bay the man heard his wives enemy scream and convinced himself that now her pain would stop he walked in and in his wife’s’ arms was a definite baby girl he groaned his wife smiled for all her pain she could still do so “I win” is all she said before she fainted.

Academy Student Arc

The makeshift seesaw creaked as the girl jumped from one end of the log to the other in massive bounds way too big for someone of the girls age around her other children played inside the brick walls which showed signs of blood probably some sort of accident but through the sunlight you could tell some of the blood was fresh though the children did not seemed bothered by it in any way. The girl did one spectacular summersault and landed on the wall looking at the other children only one seemed too notice her he looked at her dislike marking his features. The little girl frowned before jumping back down and walking towards those who must be her parents who had just walked into the guarded playground. “anything exiting today, dear” “no mum” the girl answered she was fiddling with a Kunai a ninja weapon she watched its black metal slice through the bread like butter
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Raitoningu Uchiha (W.I.P)
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