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 Koton...Light Release

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PostSubject: Koton...Light Release   Koton...Light Release EmptySun Jul 03, 2011 7:20 pm

Name: Koton[Light Release{
Clan: Unnamed Clan
Element: Fire + Lightning

Koton is a combination of Fire and Lightning elemental chakra natures to create a unique advance element. The advance element has one unique appearance about it that anyone with or without a doujutsu can recognize. The first thing anyone will realize is that, the user’s body is radiating an intense light that tend to disorient those who stares directly at it(like someone flashed their headlights right into your eyes). Beyond that, the chakra color of Koton is orange-ish yellow though more so yellow then orange, that seems to “twirl” around the body of the wielder. This is the normal state that Koton takes and this is how it appears around the user.
Koton or rather Light release is the product of combining Fire and Lightning Release respectively. Both basic elements are known to give off light as well as heat. For both elements are pure energy and thus we all know that all energy gives off some form of heat. The latter release(lightning) has been shown to enchant the user’s over all physical abilities(Refer to A for this). And there isn’t no difference here for it does enchants the user’s physical abilities. However it serves another purpose by combining the two forms of energy in a way similar too photovoltaic, thus producing a luminous energy. This luminous energy is Koton. Besides the physical enchantment...the wielder’s body also is heated to dangerous level. One is caution not to look directly into any Koton related jutsus for it will cause them to be disoriented and most likely will see dots or images of some sort(ei: Like you look into a flashlight.). The wielder is caution from using this ability for prolong exposure, for they can damage their own eyes which if it continues...they will become sensitive too light and ultimately blind the user. Another drawback that should be mention is that they get dehydrated fairly easily from prolong usage(10 continuous posts)
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PostSubject: Re: Koton...Light Release   Koton...Light Release EmptyMon Jul 04, 2011 5:03 am

Sorry pal, this one is a no-can-do. Keep it up.

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Koton...Light Release
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