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 Safe For The Moment....

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Safe For The Moment.... Empty
PostSubject: Safe For The Moment....   Safe For The Moment.... EmptyTue Jun 14, 2011 2:28 pm

Ejiki figured heading into the city was a hell of a bad idea, and instead kept running, her sight coming back about half-way to Taki. She looked around, everything in her peripheral vision slowed to a crawl and the color red and black. She had to find somewhere quick, lest she drop here. Though she didn't want to, she ran into the swamp, trying to find a clearing of some sorts she could set her family down.

She stopped in the middle of the swamp, and set her family down. It was then she noticed that Uson's entire body was shocked. Badly. Oh god, she had to do something...Wait. She could.
"Oh, please forgive me for this."
She quickly dropped to her knees, her breathing heavy from running so much, and stared down at him.

Oh, please let this work.

Ejiki pressed her lips against Uson's, the feeling vaguely familiar, and began forcing the lightning chakra out of him and into her, being careful not to take any of his chakra. Once this task was done, she sat up, and felt a sudden bang in her body. What-

"Oh shit."

Those two words were all she managed to get out before she keeled over. She had too much lightning in her body and no way to discharge it, so it was attacking her system. She closed her eyes and bit down on her lip as her heart started slowing down.

Well, isn't THIS a bitch?

'You got that right...'
Well, she went down helping him, she guessed. Not too bad a way to go down. Ejiki looked up at Uson as her Mad Rush ended and smiled.
"...See ya. Be a good father, and sorry for what I did."

The shock combined from the excess lightning her headphones couldn't absorb along with the sudden rejection from her Mad Rush's aftereffect combined. Ejiki stopped breathing, closed her eyes, and dropped.